Sell and Save with Coach Light Real Estate


Your sign is up, your property is now in Multiple Listing Service, the primary vehicle to begin giving maximum exposure to your property and that’s just the beginning! Now it’s SHOW TIME!

Coach Light subscribes to the nation’s top real estate data feed systems with direct MLS connectivity. This means your property is syndicated to over 900+ “Top Level” (including “SubDomains”) National and International Real Estate Websites.

If, after determining you are comfortable with selecting our “FOR SALE BY OWNER” options (LIMITED or ENHANCED), you will be given access to a variety of forms to begin the process of getting your property on the market. There are also a selection of advanced options available such as analytics, competitive market analysis and Realtor showing reports . These tools provide you with market intelligence, before now, only available to Realtors®, that let you know how properties comparable to yours, are performing. Intelligence will then be available to you comparing such things as, listing price per sq. ft, number of views on MLS, days on market, etc.

Maybe you have neither the time nor experience to handle the selling process from start to finish, you will want to consider our FULL SERVICE REALTOR option (PREMIUM). You enjoy all of the benefits of hassle free selling, yet your maximum cost is only $2,995* (If another Realtor brings you the buyer, MLS rules stipulate that compensation must be offered. We recommend 3%)


When you do receive an offer (and you will), Coach Light can help with all the negotiation and drafting of the required real estate forms pertaining to the purchase agreement. This service is included with our “PREMIUM” Service Package and is an “Option” for our FOR SALE BY OWNER “LIMITED” and “ENHANCED” program customers.

Services included in the “PREMIUM” option are:

  • Review of the Purchase Agreement
  • Communicating with the agent or buyer (if buyer is not represented)
  • Negotiate and drafting a counter offer if necessary
  • Review all the other documents involved with the transaction, i.e., Inspection, Financing, Sellers Disclosure, HOA Addendums, Sinkhole Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, Contract extension, etc.
  • Disclosure, HOA Addendums, Sinkhole Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, Contract Extension, etc.
  • Establish Due dates based on the Effective Date of the contract
  • Provide secure, digital signing capabilities
  • Electronic lock box* available only to Realtors and authorized third party vendors (such as Inspectors or Appraisers). Access can be granted on an as needed basis or a certain time period, such as from 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. . The Agents name, company and time of the accessing electronic key is also recorded.


Congratulations! Your home is sold and you’re ready to move on, whether to a new job opportunity across the country or to a “larger or smaller” home in your same local area. Regardless of your next move, it’s nice to know you accomplished the same result for LESS MONEY. The money you saved can go to purchasing another property, paying off debts, retirement, kid’s college education or whatever the need. There’s always something worthwhile that some extra cash can fix.
…And By The Way, if you are purchasing another home, it will benefit you to allow Coach Light Real Estate to assist. Call us at 352-483-6083 for more details involving our “BUYERS” program.

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